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Blue Ribbon Task Force Meeting Materials - August 30-31, 2007

-- Meeting Notice –

Thursday, August 30, and Friday, August 31, 2007
Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
El Dorado/Fresno Room
300 J Street
 Sacramento, CA


DAY 1: Thursday, August 30

10:00 a.m.     

1.      Introductions and Opening Remarks

2.      Overview of Meeting Objectives

         Presentation: Overview of Meeting Objectives
3.      Recommendations from the Delta Vision Stakeholder Coordination Group

         Attachment: Delta Vision Stakeholder Coordination Group Preliminary Recommendations Report to the Blue Ribbon Task Force

         Presentation: Recommendations from the Stakeholder Coordination Group

         Handout 1A: Flexible Delta Map
         Handout 1B: Flexible Delta Key
         Handout 2A: Resilient Adaptive Delta Map
         Handout 2B: Resilient Adaptive Delta Key

4.      Presentation of the CALFED End of Stage 1 Report

         Attachment 1: CALFED End of Stage 1 Statement
         Attachment 2: CALFED Bay-Delta Program Performance Assessment
5.      Presentation of the Delta Risk Management Strategy Phase 2 Report

         Attachments: Building Blocks, Scenarios, and Summary Table

         Cover Sheet

         1.1, Figure 3-1: Improved Delta Levee Maintenance
         1.2, Figure 4-1a: Upgraded Delta Levees, Option 1
         1.2, Figure 4-1b: Upgraded Delta Levees, Option 2
         1.2, Figure 4-2: Upgraded Delta Levees Upgrade 500 Miles
         1.2, Figure 4-3a: Upgraded Delta Levees Seismic Resistance Option 1
         1.2, Figure 4-3b: Upgraded Delta Levees Seismic Resistance Option 2
         1.3, Figure 5-1: Enhanced Emergency Preparedness/Response
         1.4, Figure 6-1: Preflooding of Selected Response Western Islands
         1.5, Figure 7-1: Land Use Changes
         1.6, Figure 8-1: Armored Pathway Through Delta Conveyance
         1.7, Figure 9-1: Isolated Conveyance Facility Alternatives
         1.8, Figure 10-1: San Joaquin Bypass, Alternative 1
         1.8, Figure 10-2: San Joaquin Bypass, Alternative 2
         2.1, Figure 11-1: Raise State Highways
         2.2, Figure 12-1: Armored Infrastructure Corridor
         3.1, Figure 13-1: Breach Dikes in Suisun Marsh
         3.2, Figure 14-1: Tidal Marsh Cache Slough Restoration Alternatives
         3.3, Figure 15-1: Install Fish Screens
         3.4, Figure 16-1: Setback Levee
         3.6, Figure 17.1: Reduce Water Exports

         Scenario 1: Improved Levees
         Scenario 2: Armored Pathways
         Scenario 3: Isolated Conveyance Facility

         Summary Table
6.      Presentation of the Submitted External Visions

         Attachment 1: External Visions Worksheet by Idea
         Attachment 2: External Visions Inventory and Audit

          Handout 1: Inventory Memo

7.      Task Force Discussion of External Visions

         Link to Submitted External Visions
8.      Presentation of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan

9.      Task Force Discussion of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, Ecosystem Restoration
         Program, Suisun Marsh, and Public Policy Institute of California Report

         Attachment 1: Ecosystem Restoration Program Stage 2 Conservation Strategy, Habitat Restoration Targets
         Attachment 2: Report by the CALFED Bay-Delta Program entitled, Delta Water Quality

         Handout 1: PPIC, “Some thoughts on Delta Solutions”
         Handout 2: Short-Term Delta Solutions
         Handout 3: Delta Solutions Program
         Handout 4: Salinity Fluctuation and Restoration

10.    Public Comment
6:30 p.m.       Adjourn

DAY 2: Friday, August 31

9:00 a.m.      

11.     Opening Remarks

12.     Task Force Discussion on Preparations for Vision

         Handout 1A: Policy Questions from Context Memos
         Handout 1B: Findings from Context Memos
         Handout 2: Major Milestones of Interagency Governance
         Handout 3: Assessment Team Scope
         Handout 4: Assessment Team Biographies

13.     Public Comment

14.     Task Force Discussion and Direction to Staff (Action Item)

         Handout 1: Delta Protection Commission Response to Chair Isenberg’s Request for Input on Governance
         Handout 2: Department of Water Resources Response to Task Force Question

15.     Public Comment

         Handout 1: South and Central Delta Water Agencies and the Delta Water Users Association, “A Comprehensive Delta and Upstream Water Management Plan that Protects the Delta While Meeting Other Needs.”
         Handout 2: From California Farm Federation, presented 8-30-2007
3:00 p.m.       Adjourn

Other Meeting Materials

     Attachment 1: Ecosystem Restoration Principles to Guide Delta Vision


     Correspondence 1: From Contra Costa Water District, dated 8-14-2007, regarding comments on salinity variability and ecosystem health in response to 7-19-2007 Task Force meeting

     Correspondence 2: From City of Antioch, dated 8-15-2007

     Correspondence 3: From California Fisheries Restoration Foundation, dated 8-27-2007

     Correspondence 4: From San Francisco Estuary Project, dated 8-27-2007

     Correspondence 5: From River Islands at Lathrop, dated 8-20-2007

     Correspondence 6: From Contra Costa Council, dated 8-28-2007

     Correspondence 7: From Westlands Water District, dated 8-29-2007

     Correspondence 8: From California Alliance for Jobs, dated 8-29-2007

     Correspondence 9: From North/South Business and Water Interests on the Stakeholder Coordination Group, dated 8-29-2007

     Correspondence 10: From Lovell and various stakeholders, dated 8-29-2007