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Delta Vision Status and Trends Report

State of California
Department of Water Resources
Status and Trends of Delta-Suisun Services
Supplemental CD

This CD accompanies the print version of the 'Status & Trends' report and contains the following information:

1. Report - This is an Adobe PDF version of the printed report. References are hyperlinked, which better facilitates further examination of source material.

2. Selected References - Some references in the 'Status & Trends' report have been included on this CD as stand-alone documents organized by topic. No Internet connection is required to view these selected references.

3. Interactive Maps - These maps utilize advanced PDF features that allow the user to interact with PDF documents in previously unavailable ways. This feature requires installation of the GeoPDF extension for the Adobe Reader (currently PC-only). To install this extension, click on the 'Extension (.exe)' link near the bottom of the Table of Contents. Further instructions on how to use the GeoPDF extension can be found in the 'ReadMe: Interactive PDF User Guide' available below. If you are viewing this page with the Mozilla Firefox web browser, you must open or copy the Interactive Maps directly from the CD to allow GeoPDF functionality.
CD Contents
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1. Report: Status and Trends of Delta-Suisun Services
(36.5 MB)
2. Selected References
------------Economic Values of the California Delta’s Agricultural Output PDF document
------------Open water processes of the SF Estuary PDF document
------Existing Regulatory and Management Practices  
------------Responsible Authorities and Agencies PDF document
------------Subsidence, Sea Level Rise, and Seismicity in the Delta PDF document
------------The Role of Science in the Delta Visioning Process PDF document
------------Water Plan Update 2005 - Chapter 12.pdf PDF document
------Land Use  
------------Attorney General Letter to Commissioners PDF document
------------California Agricultural Resource Directory 2005 PDF document
------------DPC Background Report on Land Use and Development PDF document
------Population Growth  
------------2000 & 2030 Delta Islands Population & Housing Units PDF document
------------CA Historical Population PDF document
------------Delta Vision Population & Housing in 2000 PDF document
------------DPC Delta Recreation Strategy Plan - Aquatic Component PDF document
------------DPC Recreation and Access Study PDF document
------Regional Climate Change  
------------Climate Change 2007-The Physical Science Basis PDF document
------------DWR Climate Change - Technical Memorandum Report July 06 PDF document
------------Our Changing Climate - Assessing the Risks to California PDF document
------------Amtrak Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 2004 - California PDF document
------------Pacific Maritime Association - 2005 Annual Report - Statistics PDF document
------------SR12 Comprehensive Transportation Corridor Study PDF document
------------Total Revenue Tonnage - Ports of Stockton and Sacramento - 96-05 PDF document
------------Traffic Volumes within Delta PDF document
------------DPC Background Report on Utilities and Infrastructure PDF document
------Water Quality Management and Discharges  
------------Overview of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta - Water Quality Issues PDF document
------Water Supply  
------------California Central Valley Unimpaired Flow Data 1920-2003 PDF document
------------Delta Water Exports PDF document
------------DPC Background Report on Delta Water Issue PDF document
------------Mirant Plants PDF document
------------Water Allocation, Use, and Regulation in California PDF document
3. Interactive Maps (with metadata)
------Delta Watershed Overview PDF document
------The Legal Delta and Suisun Marsh PDF document
------Elevation, Historic Inundation, and Projected Subsidence PDF document
------Land Management and Land Use PDF document
------Infrastructure PDF document
For full functionality, these maps require the GeoPDF extension for Adobe Reader or Acrobat
------GeoPDF extension for Adobe Reader or Acrobat Extension (.zip) (11.3 MB)
------ReadMe: Interactive PDF User Guide PDF document (55 kb)

Prepared by URS Corporation
for the California Department of Water Resources
May 2007